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     The characteristics and configuration


Double size cylinder

7 o’clock   configuration

* German technology paper guide, vacuum fed, fed belt adopt shaftless   driving technology; Greatly improve the speed and stability of the paper fed

      The paper fed  preliminary detection, advanced detection

Thirdly, rack and the drum shaft head   structure should be enhanced

Stability is good

* Under the compound pendulum movement rules before

Positioning time long 

Photoelectric detection rules before   slanting, empty card, ultrasonic detection

Germany imported photoelectric element

The former rules can be manually adjusted   before and after the up and down

Paper steel swing arm tooth structure;   Teeth pad to strengthen support and guarantee the stability of paper;

        Stamping, rubber, coating stainless steel   plate cylinder surface

                         Flat sheet transfer drum smear-free sheet transfer

The company patent 

All cylinders made of anti-friction cast   iron

Japanese technology

      Times the diameter cylinders support   imported precision taper roller bearing

German imports

                    Plate and the rubber cylinders pillow   preloading device

Bearer on bearer operation of plate 

High spot tooth

International popular structure

                       *  Gripper made in Germany

Imported from Germany 

    Tooth shaft support all adopt imported   needle bearing; , light operation.

Imported bearing

Semi-automatic plate

Plate holder for pneumatic clamp edition

                 Rear   plate holder split into 3 sections for adjusting fanning-out

Overprint control flexible 

Diagonal plate adjustment

Computer operation

Drum gear adopt alloy steel high frequency   quenching

    High strength

 CAM surface nitriding treatment or high frequency   quenching

    High strength 

Water and ink supply controlled   pneumatically

              By version of the ink roller worm and worm   wheel pressure adjustment

The overall amount of ink electric   adjustable size

Ink is quick adjustment

Automatic ink roller cleaning device

Motor driven directly out of the ink roller

The ink fountain roller surface high   frequency quenching


Equipped   with ghost roller

             Automatic   periodical lubricating system for components inside the safety guard and   alarming for oil starvation

German   technology ink remote control system

System for remote diagnosis control of   communication interface

The console PC and touch screen control ink   quantity, water, electric school edition

The printing and ink information can be   accessed

Alcohol system frozen automatic temperature   control, automatic alcohol ratio, negative pressure backwater

External water sources can be automatic   filling water

Printing pressure preset

Motor for the German import

Printing process automatic control device


Computer control

  * Delivery gripper system  row with double opening and closing tooth   structure, whole groups of teeth pad

* Optimization of closed guide

Exercise more smoothly

Before the paper. Adopt pneumatic rollover,   easy to operate;     Photoelectric paper pile structure down   automatically

Open-closed armature time linear motor   control, the machine automatically adjust the speed


Germany imported motor

             Pneumatic sampling device

Imported pneumatic components

The whole board structure

Equipped with electronic powder system

PLC control system and frequency   converter (international name brand)

Electric button(international name brand)

Frequency convertible main motor and   water fountain roller motor

Touch screen on the control console(for   water supply ink supply and electrical plate alignment)

Display of faults(including braking   protection, sheet positioning fault, safety protection, lubricating faults,   frequency converter protection and motor protection)

       Display   of printing parameters

    Water on high, medium and low three   Settings, water control is more flexible

  Water system in accordance with the reasonable curve   setting, automatic tracking speed changes

*  Accept paper dedicated large touch-screen operation   structure; The whole machine adopts the touch key button.

Part of the spring with German import   spring


Note: the item number is marked with "*" XJ142K doesn't have 

Retain the original G type and K type machine standard configuration

   Inky computer remote control system (2)Alcohol dampening system  Electric axial and circumferential version of the system  Diagonal plate alignment system ⑸ Electronic powder supply ⑹ PC perforator   Automatic dust collector⑻ outline pre-stacking device

The main technical parameters:

1. Maximum speed of the press                 12000                  sh/h*

2. Maximum sheet size                         1450×1040              mm

3. Minimum sheet size                             720×550               mm

4. Paper thickness range                           0.10~0.6              mm

5. Minimum printing size                        1420×1010             mm

6. Feeder pile height above froor                 1300                   mm

7. Delivery pile height above froor               1300                   mm

8. Main motor power                     55 (4\5-color)                    kW

9. Machine net weight          70000(4-color),  83000(5-color)     kg

10. Overall dimensionsLong * wide * high) 14350(5-color)×4770×2820       mm


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