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1.Main Technical Specifications

Max. Sheet Size:       965×1300                      mm

Min. Sheet Size:        450×750                       mm

Max. Printing Size:     955×1300                      mm

Sheet Thickness:        0.1~0.6                        mm

Blanket Size:          1330×1430×1.95                 mm

Plate Size:            1050×1310×0.3                  mm

Max. Speed:           10000                          s/h

Main Motor Power:    45(Four) /55(Five) /55(Six)          kw

Net Weight:         53500(Four)/64000(Five)/75500(Six)   kg

Overall Dimension:      12130×4650×2750(Four)           mm

                      13695×4650×2750(Five)           mm

                      15260×4650×2750(Six)            mm


2. Structure of the press

Unit design

Double size impression cylinder and transfer drum (φ800)

Ratio of cylinder diameter: P:B:I:T=1:1:2:2

7 O’ clock cylinder arrangement


3. Feeder

High speed feeder from Zhejiang Tongye

Paper sheets fed to the front lays with speed adjustable

Feeder table with aluminum alloy plate, 8 feeding belts

Inclination of the paper sheets adjustable at the feeder head

Lift distance adjustable between 0.8-2mm according to sheet thickness

Air volume manually adjustable according to the sheet size, weight and the printing speed

Double sheet sensor

Position of feeder head manually adjustable

Option: outline pre-stacking device


4. Sheet positioning

Swing arm operating from below

Down-swing compound front lays, longer sheet positioning time

Sensors at the front lay for checking late and skewed paper sheets

Paper sheet size control

Front lays manually adjustable in vertical and longitudinal directions

Inter locking mechanism for the in-feeder and the front lays


5. Printing Unit

Stainless coatings on the impression Cylinder

Flat sheet transfer drum smear-free sheet transfer

All cylinders made of anti-friction cast iron

All cylinders born in precision rolling bearings

Blankets with aluminum clippers for fast plate mounting

Quick-change plate holder

Front plate holder with positioning pins

Front plate holder with pre-positioning devices

Rear plate holder split into 3sections fro adjusting fanning-out

Axial adjustment for the plate cylinder (+/- 2mm)

Circumferential adjustment or the plate cylinder

Water and ink supply controlled pneumatically

Automatic periodical lubricating system for components inside the safety guard and alarming for oil starvation

Option: Diagonal plate alignment system

Option: Remote inking control system

Option: Alcoholic dampening system

Option: PC perforator


6. Delivery

Delivery gripper system suitable for whole range of paper sheets, adjustment-free

Fully enclosed guide rails

Sampling device

Fan sets for blowing down paper sheets

Option: Electronic powder supply

Option: Automatic dust collector

Option: Air compressor


7. Electric control system

PLC control system

Frequency converter

Frequency convertible main motor and water fountain roller motor

Water and ink supply, impression on/off, interlocking system, powder supply and pumps for delivery can be switched between manual and automatic control

Touch screen on the control consol (for water supply an electrical plate alignment)

Display of faults (including braking protection, sheet positioning fault, safety protection, lubrication faults, frequency converter protection and motor protection )

Display of printing parameters

Alarming before starting operation

Safety devices equipped on safety guards on the printing unit, pedals between printing units and other positions in the press

Safety devices fro plate washing and for manual operation of the press


8. Others

A set of tools

Options: UV coating unit

Options: Extended delivery


The technical information is just for reference.)

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